Monday, March 14, 2011

One Percent Foundation

Ever wanted to be a philanthropist but didn't have millions of dollars?  Here's your chance.  One Percent Foundation is a giving circle.  Members pledge 1% of their salary each month and the money then goes to nonprofits of the group's choice.  Don't know what 1% is of your monthly salary?  Don't worry.  They have a calculator to help you.  Someone who makes $40,000/year will give less than $40/month (perhaps they take into account taxes?).  For March Madness, they got creative and are having a Tourney Contest.  A $10 pledge lets you nominate a nonprofit and enter their tourney.  The tourney winners receive the ability to donate the pot to the nonprofit(s) of their choice.  Hurry...You have until March 17th to enter!

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