Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 17: taking it easy was back to walking tonight.  I finished a quiz, argued my grade, and answered a homework problem.  I was stressed and decided to wait until Wednesday the 27th for my break day.  Tonight I took it easy on myself and walked 2.5 km. 

Fitness Makeover Day 16: Just dip it!

I'm so proud of myself.  I did 150 each of modified:
  • pushups
  • pull ups
  • dips

Fitness Makeover Day 15: Happy Food Sunday!

I did a whole lot of nothing today.  Well...unless you call eating a workout.  I was super sore from my Friday night of burpees.  All I did was take a short 3.4 minute walk around the neighborhood. 

Fitness Makeover Day 14: It's so dark!

I walked 3.4 km today.  How?  By walking to and from the pharmacy.  It was a compromise.  My boyfriend wanted to drive to and from the restaurant and I wanted to walk.  Instead, we walked to and from the pharmacy.  Woohoo!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 10: Worked off Part of Father's Day BBQ

I had to walk today.  I ate a lot yesterday.  It wasn't as bad as Memorial Day, but it was still a lot of food.  So, today I walked the neighborhood.  I did this:

  • 2 mile walk
  • 100 modified pull ups
  • 200 modified push ups
  • 300 modified squats
Do you think I worked off the cheeseburger?

Fitness Makeover Day 11: Let's Do It Together

My boyfriend agreed to work out with me tonight.  So, we worked it hard!

  • 100 squats (modified)
  • 5 push ups (modified for me)
  • 75 squats (modified)
  • 10 push ups (modified for me)
  • 50 squats (modified)
  • 15 push ups (modified for me)
  • 25 squats (modified)
  • 20 push ups (modified for me)

We were sweaty, tired and fell asleep on the couch.  

Fitness Makeover Day 12: Please turn around!

My boyfriend thought I was crazy tonight.  We went for an 8:30pm walk (hey, he asked!).  During the walk, I decided to do this:

  • 800km walking forward
  • 400 km walking backwards 
  • 800km walking forward
  • 400 km walking backward
It was a total of 2400 km.  All I have to say is that walking backwards has a totally different feel and I felt different muscles working. 

Fitness Makeover Day 13: walking the neighborhood.

A week ago I discovered Cardio Trainer, a really cool Android app.  It uses GPS to measure just how far I'm walking.  Yesterday, I walked 46 minutes.  The device tracked my route (I could watch it), allegedly burned 216 calories (I don't see how when I never entered my weight).  I walked 3.4 km and had an average speed of 4.5 km/hr.  When I got home I did a quick bodyweight workout in a 21-15-9:
  • modified dips
  • situps 
  • modified push ups

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 9: Pre Father's Day BBQ Workout

I knew I would eat a lot today. I made sure to work out before heading to a BBQ. I did 20 rounds of:

  • 5 modified push ups
  • 10 1 legged squats ( alternated legs each round)
  • 15 modified pull ups
I did this in 30 minutes and stretched afterward. Let the eating begin!

Fitness Makeover Day 8

I'm taking today off. I have grocery shopping and stuff to finish. Tomorrow I will complete my workout in the morning.

Fitness Makeover Day 7: so busy!

I was super busy today so I didn't work out until really late. Here it was:
  • 100 modified situps
  • 100 modified pull ups
  • 100 modified squats
  • 100 modified push ups

I think I will take Saturday off.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 5: What did I do?

I did a short routine on Wednesday. I didn't even remember it til now.  Yikes!  I did 50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
  • jumping jacks
  • modified sit-ups (standing crunches)
Standing crunches are still difficult.  I use my abdominal muscles to pull myself down.  I'm still sore actually.  

Fitness Makeover Day 6: The Walk

Thursday I walked for 60 minutes.  I felt great doing it, even though I got out of breath.  I kept looking around for local fitness places near me via living social, groupon, yelp and just strolling through the neighborhood.  What I discovered is that while there are tons of places, there weren't many that had the hours I need.  I have to be at work pretty early in the morning and since I prefer smaller, non-mega chain gyms, I'm SOL.  Oh well, I found amazing routines via Pinterest to try.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 4: ahhhh

I worked out later tonight due to a meeting and food. While catching up on Sherlock Holmes, I did:

  • 5 modified pull ups
  • 10 modified push ups
  • 15 modified squats
In 30 minutes I managed to do 20 rounds. Just a note: I modify it so it isn't very strenuous. What do you do while watching television?

Fitness Makeover Day 3: Cranky Rest

I got a little cranky this evening so my day of rest turned into a 20-30 minute walk.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 2: Sore! #chd

I'm sore from yesterday. I knew I was out of shape, but wow! Today's workout was:

  • 20 modified pull ups
  • 30 modified push ups
  • 40 modified sit ups
  • 50 modified squats
I did 5 rounds in a little over 30 minutes and followed it with a vega shake. Vega is a vegan protein shake that doesn't taste too bad, is soy free and gluten free. I get it on vitacost because it's cheaper than Whole Foods. What do you eat or drink after working out?


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fitness Makeover Day 1 #chd

I've had bouts of fitness in my life: high school, in San Diego (thanks Bryan at Wired Fitness) and in my late 20s in Los Angeles (thanks Damien at RIPT Gym and those at CrossFit). In my early 30s, I tried again ( yay Stephanie at XTC kickboxing and the guys at AKFit 360). At 33, I'm trying again.

Why'd I stop? Well, at 28I had my second open heart surgery. That took awhile to recover. Then, at 31, I just felt tired. All the time. I slept through valentines day. I tried swimming at the amazing Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. It got to the point i could barely get an eighth of a lap before purple nail beds, dizziness and fatigue took over. Turned out, I needed a pacemaker. So, now at 33 and 7 months after the surgery, I'm trying again.

First, I had to decide on an exercise program. After the pacemaker surgery, I walked. And walked. But, that bored the living daylights out of me. I'm scared to swim because of last time. One day I will get my courage up. The pacemaker means no more kickboxing for now. So I had to really think. I work for a nonprofit and am still paying for my pacemaker surgery. I'm poor and don't have tons of extra cash. I needed something free. I decided to try CrossFit again. Not the way I did before more 180 pound dead lifts. I have to do it my way. So, I'm taking the exercises and modifying them. I still plan to compete against myself, but in a different way. I want to do real squats again. Work up to a real push up. Maybe get to lifting 20 pounds. But for today, I did:

  • 100 modified pull ups. No pull up bar. Instead unweighted overhead thrusts to get used to motion again. My arms felt like limp spaghetti.
  • 100 modified push ups. I'm not ready for the floor yet. I had to use a high surface.
  • 100 modified squats. I got down to a stool. I'm working on my form. I'd rather start at a high level with good form, than go low with bad form.
  • 100 modified crunches. I can't do a sit up. I admit it. So, I'm working up to it. I remember doing standing crunches with Damien at RIPT Gym back in 2008. It started me up with getting in shape after open heart surgery. I figure it will help me get in shape now too.
My goal is to one day get to doing a real Angie, but not at 100. My goal is unmodified 25 by November. I'm not holding my breath on pull ups. But I hope to use a pull up band and do 25 by then. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Feeling Kinda Crafty-Rediscovering My Creative Side

I don't know what happened, but a few months ago I started feeling crafty again. As a child I took cartooning and other art classes after school through my city's community recreation and education department. As I got older, I stopped taking the time to create. Well...after I stopped teaching anyway. Now, the urge is back. My first couple of attempts were ok. I made a few cloth bags, a cloth pencil holder, and a few bracelets. I also made tons of jewelry. Now, I'm challenging myself. I just finished making a bracelet thanks to craftsy and I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I purchased the hand dyed thread, but know I'll be learning to dothat one day too. I also learned how to peyote stitch beads. Hardest thing for me so far. It just didn't make sense at first.

Now look:



I'm getting better at it. One day my photography skills will improve too! What's something you used to do for fun and rediscovered or wish you could rediscover?


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why I Can't Be A Vegan (despite PETA)

Don't get me wrong, I think PETA has great recipes and do it yourself projects. But, I'm not convinced being a vegan is the healthiest choice for me. I read. Sometimes I think I read and research too much. See, many soy products are actually GMO. That isn't healthy. Plus, it's hard to find tasty, soy free, gluten free recipes and cookbooks. Call me lazy, but I don't want to invent it myself. I know how to get nutrients from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. That isn't my problem.

I don't believe in fake meat. Seriously, it's chemicals that making that soy taste like chicken and beef..I see that as a gateway product that would turn me back to eating the real thing instead of being a gateway to less meat. I think back to when my brother became a vegetarian in the early 1990s. It was healthier back then because Monsanto wasn't as big and there weren't as many cage free, open pasture, less cruel and less unhealthy alternatives to buying meat. We didn't have trader joes, whole foods, etc where we grew up. So I supported and still support his decision as a teenager.

I say go big or go home. It takes dedication that I just don't have. I go meatless a few days out of the week. I don't want to be a veyo ( yo yo vegan) or yotarian (my term for yo yo vegetarian). I don't believe in seafood vegetarians is meat. Duh. So for now I'm an omnivore lite who applauds those with the willpower and conviction to make the jump.

Out of curiosity, what made you take the final leap or keeps you from doing it?



Friday, June 1, 2012

Cross Training Pays Off

Who knew I know so much? That isn't an ego statement. I answered the phone today because our secretary was off. A caller asked about our services and I was able to list and describe them. I did this not only for where I work, but for another nonprofit as well. It turns out cross training staff in different departments and having full staff meetings really can pay off.

What does this have to do with my next career? I was marketing our company's services while making sure I was pleasant, informed and came off as an authority. The caller complimented and thanked me. You see, I didn't have to spend 25 minutes explaining services, explaining services on another company's website. But, I did so she could make an informed decision. For that brief time, I was the voice of the company and I wanted to make sure she had the best impression possible. What do you do to make a good first impression? Should I become a customer service representative?


I just #jobjacked a Facebook Post

I was on Facebook this morning and saw this:  

"People's Food Co-op Ann Arbor 3 minutes ago A fond farewell to our Outreach, Ed and Volunteer Coordinator, Caitlin. Smiley icon for all you've done, frowny icon for leaving. Like · · Share"

Most people would just comment on the post or like it. Me, I shared went to their website and checked the job openings. Then I sent it to a friend who is looking for work. See, going on to social media to check where friends work and using apps like BranchOut won't cut it in today's job market. Think about all the places you enjoy, the companies and brands you love. Fan them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter. Follow people on social media networks who work at the brands and companies you love. You never know when they'll post that they're leaving the company. They may not post an actual job opening on there, but you may see that post above that says one opened up. Share these with people who are job hunting. That is jobjacking a post. Have you ever jobjacked a post on a social media network? Let me know in the comments.