Friday, June 1, 2012

I just #jobjacked a Facebook Post

I was on Facebook this morning and saw this:  

"People's Food Co-op Ann Arbor 3 minutes ago A fond farewell to our Outreach, Ed and Volunteer Coordinator, Caitlin. Smiley icon for all you've done, frowny icon for leaving. Like · · Share"

Most people would just comment on the post or like it. Me, I shared went to their website and checked the job openings. Then I sent it to a friend who is looking for work. See, going on to social media to check where friends work and using apps like BranchOut won't cut it in today's job market. Think about all the places you enjoy, the companies and brands you love. Fan them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter. Follow people on social media networks who work at the brands and companies you love. You never know when they'll post that they're leaving the company. They may not post an actual job opening on there, but you may see that post above that says one opened up. Share these with people who are job hunting. That is jobjacking a post. Have you ever jobjacked a post on a social media network? Let me know in the comments.

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